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Chahal Law is a Boutique law firm located in Kamloops British Columbia, owned by Lawyer, Hardeep Chahal. Hardeep has been practicing in the area of Personal Injury Law, ICBC Claims, and Corporate Law for over 16 years. As a lawyer who specializes almost exclusively in personal injury law, Hardeep believes his experience, depth of knowledge, and tremendous skill will surely assist clients in achieving the best resolution to their claims for damages.

In almost all personal injury cases, Chahal Law bills on a contingency, or percentage, basis. What this means is that the client does not pay any amount for a retainer or fees until their claim settles. This allows the client to focus on their recovery rather than worry about paying legal bills. Please contact us to discuss our competitive contingency rate.

Chahal Law offers a free one-hour consultation to those injured in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, assaults, and all other claims resulting in injury or death resulting from the negligence of another party. At Chahal Law, we have specialized experience in dealing with traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, whiplash disorders, headache disorders, and back injuries.

It is important to note that we offer full legal services in both English and Punjabi.

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At Chahal Law, our proficiency reflects in our success in settling hundreds of personal injury matters. We adhere to a strong work ethic and believe in smart work. Our accountability and intelligent execution of tasks have helped us resolve almost all of our settlements through negotiations and mediation without the need for trial. No one does it better!

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